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Mozilla | Strategic Communications

LOW was appointed by Mozilla (developers of the Firefox browser) to develop its strategic communications planning in order to increase awareness of Mozilla’s policy ideas in the institutions and agencies of the European Union.

LOW creates digital communications and event management strategies for Mozilla, concentrating on its mission to build an inclusive, open and competitive internet.

More information about Mozilla can be found on the Mozilla website.

DG GROW | SME Assembly

As project managers for the European Commission's annual SME Assembly, LOW has been closely involved with its development.

Our policy and event management specialists manage all aspects of the programme and event. We supervise the logistics of more than 500 senior delegates, provide graphic design for the event, write the conference programme, select high-level speakers and moderators, and create innovative new formats such as ‘The Big Debate’ (which introduced greater delegate participation into the conference).

The Assembly has now become the go-to event for policy-makers, business leaders and the SME community alike.

Following its inaugural success in Cyprus (2012), LOW has organised successful SME Assembly events in Vilnius (2013), Naples (2014), Luxembourg (2015), Bratislava (2016), Tallinn (2017); and Graz (2018). We are currently preparing the 2019 SME Assembly which will take place in Helsinki, Finland.

More information can be found on the EC SME Assembly website

DG ENV | The European Business Awards for the Environment

LOW was first appointed to manage the EBAE for the 2014-15 awards cycle. Now in our third cycle (2018-19), the scheme recognises businesses that put eco-innovation at the heart of their business model; who realise that protecting the environment is vital to Europe's competitiveness; and who prove that environmental and business performance can go hand in hand.

Our innovative approach was to recommend a paperless secretariat and judging process; revive the EBAE brand and visual identity; use networks to promote the awards more widely and increase the diversity of entries to include more micro and small companies.

More information can be found on the EC Environment Awards website.

European Small Business Alliance | Secretariat

Founded in 1998, the European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) is a non-party political group which represents small businesses and the self-employed at EU level. ESBA develops targeted lobby activities for member business groups. It is one of the largest organisations based on voluntary membership in Europe. Through its direct membership, associate membership and cooperation agreements, ESBA represents more than one million small businesses in 36 European countries.



European Academy of Paediatrics | Communications and Strategic Advice

LOW provides strategic advice to and supports the core communications activities of the European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP) as they carry out their mission to improve health outcomes for all children and young people across Europe.

The European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP) is the voice of children, their families and paediatricians throughout Europe. With delegates from 40 countries, EAP represents national paediatric societies and professional organisations of the European Economic Area countries as well as the National Associations of Medical Specialists of the Associated European members and observer countries.

More information can be found on the European Academy of Paediatrics website.

DG ECFIN| European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) matchmaking sessions

As part of the last two editions of the SME Assembly, LOW has managed and implemented a policy and matchmaking session dedicated to the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP), a virtual meeting place for project promoters and investors, and its added-value in fostering venture capital investments for small and medium companies. After a panel discussion with experts on how to make a perfect venture capital pitch, participating SMEs have the opportunity to present their business ideas to a selected group of high-level investors in a matchmaking session.

The EIPP sessions at SME Assembly are organised within the Invest EU framework, which aims to strengthen investment activity in the EU, as well as innovation and job creation.

DG GROW | European Enterprise Promotion Awards

LOW has managed the European Enterprise Promotion Awards programme since 2012. The scheme aims to recognise the innovation and success of public bodies and public-private partnerships in promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship at a national, regional and local level.

Our strategic communications advice included rebranding the awards with a new visual identity, secretariat co-ordination of local organisers in member states and the awards jury, plus creating exciting awards ceremonies from Cyprus in 2012 to Graz in 2018.

More information can be found on the EC Promoting Enterprise website and on the EC Enterprise Promotion Awards website.

EASME| The ‘Eyes on Earth’ Roadshow by Copernicus

LOW is the communications and event management consortium partner for The ‘Eyes on Earth’ Roadshow initiative, implemented under the framework of the EU’s Copernicus space and earth observation programme.

Taking place between 2019 and 2020 in five different EU member states, The ‘Eyes on Earth’ Roadshows will promote the achievements and ongoing activities of the Copernicus programme; the potential for strengthening Europe as a space and earth observation hub through the development of digital data skills; and foster collaborations and training opportunities between geospatial experts and students.

The Cambridgeshire Development Forum, helping Cambridge grow.

The Cambridgeshire Development Forum, helping Cambridge grow.

Cambridgeshire Development Forum| Secretariat Management and Strategic Advice

The Cambridgeshire Development Forum is a body dedicated to bringing together those with an interest in development in and around Cambridge, which seeks to identify practical proposals and solutions to overcome constraints and inefficiencies in achieving planning consent and delivering growth through new housing and commercial development.

The group is chaired by LOW Strategic Counsel, Lord Andrew Lansley, a former Cabinet minister, MP for South Cambridgeshire between 1997 and 2015 and now an active member in the House of Lords.


DG GROW| European SME Week

LOW was first appointed to provide strategic communications advice on the development of European SME Week in 2012. The scheme aims to promote EU support to SME’s throughout the member states and to promote entrepreneurship as a career option.

Our approach was to integrate the scheme into the Commission’s other enterprise promotional programmes such as the SME Assembly and European Business Awards. We launched the scheme with a networking reception in Vilnius in 2013 using innovative, digital ‘contact technology’ to allow delegates and media to record details of everyone they met for future follow up.

More information can be found on the EC SME Week website

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DG GROW| Business Beyond Borders

LOW manages the PR and social media for Business Beyond Borders (BBB), an EC-funded initiative that seeks to help European SMEs and clusters find international business partners through tailored B2B/C2C/B2C matchmaking events at selected and reputed international trade fairs.

More information can be found on the Business Beyond Borders website.




The British Chambers of Commerce | Annual Conference 2010

The British Chamber of Commerce asked LOW to help them revitalise its annual conference as a powerful forum for pursuing policy agendas.

We recommended an events strategy that delivered a high status audience with attendance by invitation only. We ensured great content and a high level of media interest by including an unscripted debate between Peter Mandelson (then Secretary of State for Business) and Ken Clarke, the shadow secretary of state for business. Other speakers included Christine Lagarde, then France's Finance Minister and the Chief Executive of BT.

With a bigger and more influential audience and a web TV channel to provide easy access to a larger audience, we achieved an altogether more savvy and innovative reputation for our client.

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Design Council | Strategic Communications and Media Training

LOW provided strategic advice to The Design Council on developing a strong SME focus, networking opportunities, stakeholder engagement, events management & planning, and policy development.


Young Chamber | The Skills Factor

Young Chamber aims to inspire and educate young people about how business works. They wanted to promote their work to a new audience of schools, teachers, youth groups and business. 

Skills Factor Sally Low and Brendan Bruce

We created and launched an innovative business skills competition for 11 to 19 year olds as an antidote to the attitude that success is about luck and ‘discovery’. Teams from schools all over Britain competed to prove they had the potential to establish and run a business.

The result was a hugely successful event with more than 300 teams of young people entering in the first year of the competition. An all-female team scooped first place for a business plane for a new phone app and our client’s profile and reputation soared.

China Light and Power | Crisis Management and Media Coaching

We created and supervised a Crisis Management training programme and Group Board Media Coaching programme for China Light and Power at their Hong Kong HQ