Karen Clements


Deputy Managing Director

Karen is the Deputy Managing Director at LOW. She provides hands on expertise in events programming and management, in-depth insight into the workings of EU institutions, and strategic advice to clients on how to get their messages across to key stakeholders and decision makers.

At LOW, Karen oversees and manages the development of the SME AssemblyEuropean Enterprise Promotion AwardsSME Week and the European Business Awards for the Environment for DG GROWTH and DG Environment respectively. Karen is also responsible for overseeing communications strategies and activities for clients like Mozilla and the European Academy of Paediatrics.

Karen’s long professional experience as Head of European Affairs at the Confederation of British Industry and EU Advisor to the British Chambers of Commerce, means that she is an unparalleled source of advice on all European Union policy matters that affect business; an expert in providing strategic advice to clients on how to influence the European policy agenda; and a valuable resource for training business in the workings of the EU institutions.

Karen is a native English speaker and is fluent in French.