Ronald Hepburn

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Ronald Hepburn

Geopolitical Partner

Founder and managing director of geopolitical consultancy Etoile, Ron's international credentials span three decades and include strategic projects in Brussels, the Middle East, USA, Europe, Africa and the Far East and ten years with a global investment bank in London.

Ron has particular expertise in strategic positioning; crisis preparedness training and simulations; running policy campaigns and assisting start-ups.

In Europe he ran the award-winning communications programme credited with keeping sterling as the UK currency, is working to protect the interests of the UK's historic and economically important distant fisheries post Brexit, and recently advised the government of Malta on the positioning of its Presidency of the Council of the EU.

In New York alongside the UN General Assembly, he helped to launch Educate a Child, a programme of Education Above All Foundation that aims to help the 58m children denied an education by poverty, conflict or displacement around the world into primary education, and promoted an important associated initiative aimed at strengthening the global response to attacks on education in conflict zones.

He also spoke at the UN's World Export Development Forum on the importance of positioning in country promotion. He has been published on strategic positioning as a development tool; corporate responsibility and crisis management.

In the energy sector he launched the ECX, the carbon credit futures market, winning them dominance in Europe; formulated a transformational positioning for RasGas, the giant LNG producer; and developed campaigns, insights and launches for ExxonMobil and Petronas of Malaysia.

For the UK government he led the positioning campaign for NHS Professionals and promoted the UK Govt's New Deal, Action for Jobs and Employment Zones.