LOW is a strategic communications consultancy based in Brussels, with a network of associates across Europe.

We specialise in:

  • designing and running policy-rich events; 
  • managing complex programmes; 
  • creating content for PR & all types of marketing communications, such as social media; 
  • analysing and understanding EU related policy, especially in the fields of entrepreneurship and environment.*

We create and research strategies to meet your corporate objectives, get your message across and boost your reputation.

We create communications and events that get decision-makers, opinion-formers, customers and staff thinking your way.

We do all that by custom building a team that's right for you - a team that stands out by virtue of its hard-won experience; its proven success; its far-seeing vision, and its collective wisdom.

We are not lobbyists; and we do not lobby governments on behalf of our clients.

The 2017 SME Assembly, Tallinn: Designed and Organised by LOW for the European Commission.

News from LOW


LOW wins more contracts from the Commission: says 'Move to Brussels a big success'

LOWeurope has solidified its position as a key player in the Brussels strategic communications sector by winning three high-profile EC contracts dealing with entrepreneurship and the environment.

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