Rising Star | Michaël Wilde, Eosta


Why did you set up your company? 

Our CEO, Volkert Engelsman, set up the company because he believed that business can and should play a key role in making our planet cleaner, greener, and more social by taking the initiative.

Did you have a ‘lightbulb moment’ (ie. which led to you starting your business, or which triggered a change in the way you did things)?

For me, it was when my two daughters were born. At that moment, it became clear to me that when it comes to all the different issues our planet is facing, you have to be a part of the solution…otherwise, you are part of the problem. I wanted to play an active role in making our planet better for future generations.

Were there any EU, national, regional or local business support services, programmes or funding initiatives that helped you set up or grow?

Until now, we’ve been independent, and have not used any of these services.

How would you describe your progress so far? Are there any significant challenges you have had to overcome?

We are happy with the progress we are making, although we would prefer to grow more rapidly. Getting True Cost Accounting, Proactive healthcare, and True Sustainable Agricultural policies is not just an issue for the market and businesses to resolve; we need the EU and national governments to show leadership. For example, by rewarding sustainable practices and penalising polluters.

What do you see as the key trends/disruptors for 2019 relevant to entrepreneurs?

- True Cost Accounting becoming mainstream

- Pro-active health care is no longer something vague

- A move towards more plant-based diets

Rapid fire round

1 – Analysis or instinct?  Instinct

2 – Which is a better guarantee for success: persistence or integrity?  Both…they work best in combination.

3 – Which one do you say more: yes or no? Yes!

4 – Monopoly or chess? Monopoly (but please don’t draw any conclusions).

5 – London or New York? New York.

6 – “A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog one important thing". Which would you prefer to be, a fox or a hedgehog?  A fox that has many hedgehog friends.

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