LOW's company rebrand

By Antoine Rivet - GOPAcom on

"And at the end there is HOPE"

If you, like me, were desperately depressed by the Brexit decision, you'll be as pleased as I was by a conversation I had with Sally Low just a few days afterwards. Pleased, yet a little shocked. After all, the news that LA's response to Brexit was to break with its UK roots and move to Belgium; to change its name to LOW; and to introduce a new offer, LOW Counsel (to advise companies and organisations at Board level on how to weather this storm) is a statement of the magnitude of the decision taken by the British people, but it is also of Sally's commitment to continue the great work she has been doing for years. 

It is also a statement of the ability of Sally and her team in contingency planning: Striving for the best, but preparing for the worst.

Now the worst has happened, they are as always ready to meet the challenge. And that's the lesson I take away from what LOW have done. They have made a fundamental change which exemplifies their deep commitment to the European project. They drew upon the creative energy that has made them a real player on the Brussels scene; their strict professionalism; and their legendary attention to detail, to make a decisive move which will ensure that the interests of their clients are maintained.

On behalf of all of us here in Brussels and throughout the EU, both partners like GOPA Com. and competitors, I congratulate Sally and her brilliant team for their courage and decisiveness in making this far reaching and radical change; and for their optimism for the future of Europe. 

It is fantastic news; a relief that a partner like LOW will continue to play an active role in the European project. 

And LOW's attitude seems to be contagious, because I for one, am confident there will be a strong Europe after the Brexit and am looking forward to working to confront this challenge; and I hope you are doing the same.