Communications Assistant

Mathilde joined LOW in 2018 to work on digital communications and multimedia content creation. Her key projects are Business Beyond Borders, the European Business Awards for the Environment, Mozilla, and the European Academy for Paediatrics. Her expertise is in  social media and website maintenance; multimedia and digital content creation; audio-visual content editing and production; media monitoring and content sourcing.

An Advertising and Commercial Communication graduate from the renowned Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales (IHECS) in Brussels, Mathilde studied digital communication, online marketing, and visual content creation. Before joining LOW, she complemented her academic background with professional experiences in event management for an art fair in Brussels, and in communications for a Brazilian NGO.

Mathilde is a native French speaker, fluent in English and Italian, and has learned conversational Portuguese during her previous internship in Brazil. Her diverse background and education have made her an especially adaptable and valuable addition to our increasingly international network.