We've Changed: Introducing LOW

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing this open letter to make you aware of some radical changes to the company we have made that will entirely remake our future.
First, we are no longer a British company. We have set up a Belgian company and moved our centre of operations to Brussels.

Second, both to reflect this change and signal the new commitment to the European market, we have changed our trading name to LOW, pure and simple. The LOW brand embodies the best of our unchanging values (so the logo remains as is): the wisdom of the owl; the far-sighted vision of the giraffe; and the solid base of experience that is embodied by the trusty elephant.

Third, we have changed our recruitment policy to ensure we have Associates with the senior European work experience, cultural awareness and linguistic credentials to reflect the Union’s diversity.

Fourth, we will be introducing new offers over the coming months which reflect our new positioning within this brave new world of opportunities.

Our strategy for the next ten years of this company is about securing the future for all our clients, associates, and staff.  It is about being both flexible and optimistic in the face of massive change.  For me personally, as Managing Director, it has been about focusing on leading the company (in the midst of many uncertainties) on these exciting growth plans, with a new strategy founded on our approach of professional rigour, hard work, creative imagination and a focus on delivery.

Our approach to what we offer clients has not changed. We are still an SME with a team of highly-skilled professionals with a shared mission to deliver the highest quality strategic communications, programmes & events to public and private sector clients in a European and, over time, worldwide market.
Today, we are only interested in looking forward.

Looking forward to our new life as a Belgian company.

Looking forward to helping our clients meet their strategic communications objectives. 

Looking forward to building strong and lasting relationships with our friends in Europe, whilst making new friends and partners further afield. 
Looking forward to welcoming new Associates to the LOW network.

Looking forward to building on our achievements.

Looking forward to meeting the challenges we and our clients face.

Looking forward with optimism, determination and renewed purpose.

Wish us luck.

Best wishes,

Sally Low
Managing Director, LOW