LOW presents its 'Public Procurement for SMEs' policy paper at SME Assembly 2018

LOW presented its 'Public Procurement for SMEs' policy paper at the 2018 SME Assembly, taking place this week in Graz, Austria.

Taking as a starting point LOW's extensive experience (solo and in partnership with other SMEs) in tendering for EC and EU contracts, this policy paper takes stock of the barriers to SME involvement in public procurement tender processes, and puts forward suggestions to overcome them.

LOW's policy paper was presented and discussed during the Public Procurement Masterclass, a session chaired by LOWeurope's Founder and Managing Director, Sally Low; and featuring Angelika Höß of ABZ Bayern e.V., and Robert Miskuf of PEDAL Consulting, as speakers.

The full document is available for download here.

© European Commission 2018

© European Commission 2018