Celebrating International Women’s Day, LOW founder Sally Low calls for a faster shift away from women being simply a backup team for men

Speaking at LOWeurope’s International Women’s Day reception, LOW’s Founder and Managing Director, Sally LOW, highlighted the importance of having more women in business leadership:

“There is an important issue we face today, which is to bring more women into leadership roles, not just in business, but in all walks of life.

There are still some men who complain when women are promoted over their heads, but businesses are increasingly recognizing how they have previously neglected the potential of women leaders.

80/90 per cent of the people in charge may still be men, but it will not be too long before this imbalance changes for the better. My view is that it needs to change faster, so that we see a shift away from women, especially in big organisations, being simply the backup team to men, to being the leaders in their own right.” 

LOWeurope’s International Women’s Day reception took place at the company’s headquarters in Brussels, and brought together dozens of women in business to celebrate both women’s rights and their own accomplishments in the business world.

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