"Creativity and innovation are needed to disrupt outdated male-dominated business models” says Sally Low.

Speaking at its International Women’s Day reception, LOW's Managing Director, Sally Low, called for more women in business leadership positions, saying: “How do we engage and inspire tomorrow’s workforce and how do the changes that are taking place with amazing speed work with gender balance in the jobs of the future?  Technology is disruptive. But as Schumpeter demonstrated, disruption can be creative.  And we need this creativity and innovation to disrupt outdated male-dominated business models.”

“Bringing more women into leadership roles, not just in business, but in all walks of life has to be an important part of the solution.  Businesses are increasingly recognizing how they have previously neglected the potential of women leaders. “

Referring to the recent RBS report showing a significant funding gap between men and women starting businesses, Sally Low said: “Female entrepreneurs typically have to start businesses with only half as much capital as men. When women do start businesses, however they’re more likely than men to become established and sustainable over the long term.”

LOW’s International Women’s Day reception took place at the company’s headquarters in Brussels, to celebrate both women’s rights and their accomplishments in the business world. The event also showcased a LOW-produced video in which women shared their thoughts on how to recruit, engage and inspire the next generation of women leaders, managers and thought leaders.

 Sally Low’s full speech can be read here.

LOW presents its 'Public Procurement for SMEs' policy paper at SME Assembly 2018

LOW presented its 'Public Procurement for SMEs' policy paper at the 2018 SME Assembly, taking place this week in Graz, Austria.

Taking as a starting point LOW's extensive experience (solo and in partnership with other SMEs) in tendering for EC and EU contracts, this policy paper takes stock of the barriers to SME involvement in public procurement tender processes, and puts forward suggestions to overcome them.

LOW's policy paper was presented and discussed during the Public Procurement Masterclass, a session chaired by LOWeurope's Founder and Managing Director, Sally Low; and featuring Angelika Höß of ABZ Bayern e.V., and Robert Miskuf of PEDAL Consulting, as speakers.

The full document is available for download here.

© European Commission 2018

© European Commission 2018

Mozilla appoints LOWeurope to get key messages across to EU policy makers

The Mozilla Corporation, creators of the Firefox browser, announced today that (after a competitive pitch) they have appointed LOWeurope to provide Mozilla with strategic communications planning in order to increase awareness of Mozilla’s policy ideas in the institutions and agencies of the European Union.

LOW will handle policy-based communications for Mozilla, including new communications and event management strategies, concentrating on Mozilla’s key strengths of thought leadership; a unique corporate culture; and its mission to build an inclusive, open, and competitive internet.

“We were really  impressed with the Mozilla team’s commitment to improving people’s internet lives by forming partnerships with EU policymakers” said Sally Low, Managing Director of LOWeurope, “and we are really looking forward to helping Mozilla build on its existing presence in Brussels.”

We’re very excited to work with the dynamic LOW team,” said Raegan MacDonald, Mozilla’s Head of EU Public Policy “to get our three key messages across to decision makers in Brussels i.e. that the internet must remain open and accessible; that security and privacy are fundamental; and that there needs to be a balance between commercial profit and public benefit.”