Through our office in Brussels and our network of Associates across Europe, we help companies and organisations whose business depends on understanding what’s going on in the European Union and its institutions.


LOW Tours

Our tours are designed to aid those clients in Member States who would like to know more about how Europe works.

In a packed, two day visit to the centre of European government, we will guide you through the Brussels policy maze of legislation and regulation in a mixture of:

  • informative talks by leading experts
  • familiarisation visits to all the key institutions
  • networking lunches & dinners that allow you to meet some of the key people driving the work of the European Union.

There are special customised tours for those who want to delve deeper into a specific sector. In these you will be able to discuss with experts how your business is affected by new EU policies; and network with those responsible for drafting regulations and debating legislation.*

The LOWdown

Our free monthly newsletter will keep you up to date with all the latest from the European Commission and Parliament, especially those matters that affect your business (you can read a sample newsletter and sign up here.)

LOW Monitor

Our monitoring service helps those who want to keep a special eye on any new legislation or regulation that affects their business while it is being developed. You tell us what field you are interested in; and we do the rest. All monitoring reports are customised for your specific needs and are strictly confidential.

* While LOW facilitates networking it does not currently offer lobbying services on behalf of its clients.

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