...ask us to get closely involved in shaping and developing their event programmes and promotional strategies because they know we have valuable experience of working with a range of international organisations, governments, and NGOs; and because we have the background, knowledge and skills to understand complex policy issues and to communicate their essence to non-technical audiences. That is why we build teams from people who have worked in government, political parties or business organisations like Chambers of Commerce. When we develop event programmes, create press and on-line content, and disseminate materials direct to other audiences and via social media, our clients can be confident that our text reflects their latest policy positions.

Armed with our vast database of contacts and connections, we are well positioned to contribute recommendations for jury members, promoters, multipliers, key speakers from across the globe. We have valuable experience in persuading leading figures to participate, managing press attendance and drafting speeches for senior, high-profile speakers.

Developing an insightful, interesting programme is just part of the picture. We also know how to encourage delegates, speakers, exhibitors, and other business stakeholders to join the discussion and carry our client’s message beyond the conference hall.

Our team plays an active part in briefing policy makers in Brussels, in all the member states, and in non-EU countries on the nature, function and potential of business networks. Our team has led the creation of a number of chambers of commerce across the world. Through our existing networks, we identify other relevant stakeholder networks where our client organisations can be represented, or develop their profile on a one-off or regular basis."

Karen Clements

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