Penny Hunt

Penny helps our clients find the new story that will help them resolve their business, policy, communication and stakeholder management challenges.




Penny has an ability to reframe communication and organisational questions for brands, businesses and people in an enjoyably human way. Penny is a trained advertising planner, facilitator and gestalt therapist.

Key Projects

Female Leadership Development: changing the culture of BBC Worldwide.

How men and women work together: research and new client-product development with Shine Communications.

Change Chemistry: Leadership development programme for new young board members of a fast growing Retail Business.

One to one change programme: for senior managers and executives in government departments.

Brand repositioning: and team alignment programme for Private Equity Team.


  • Deputy Director, Central Office of Information
  • Planning Director with JWT, EuroRSCG, Big Green Door
  • Co-founder, gillcgroup (technology start-up)
  • Co- founder, ‘Upstream’, consultant with BBDO group

  • Registered company address:
  • 14 Rue de la Science,
  • B-1040,
  • Brussels,
  • Belgium
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