• Client    :  DG Growth
    Project  :  Business Beyond Borders

    Business Beyond Borders (BBB) is an EC-funded initiative that seeks to help European SMEs and clusters find international business partners. Such is done through tailored B2B/C2C/B2C matchmaking events at selected and reputed international trade fairs – five of which will take place in European countries, while other five will be organised overseas. The initiative was launched in December 2016 and has a total duration of 2 years. Ensuring the participation of a minimum of 200 companies per event, BBB has the ultimate goal of increasing economic growth within and outside Europe.

    Having successfully kicked off with its first event in Madrid in February-March, BBB is now in full swing and focusing on its future events in Cape Town, Paris, Milan, Cannes, New Delhi, Santiago de Chile, Teheran, Sidney and Stuttgart.

    More information can be found at www.businessbeyondborders.info.

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